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A decrease of 25% or more is clinically significant. • The Leyton Obsessional Inventory-Child Version (LOI-CV)—another widely used rating scale. It measures 20 items. • A Family Accommodation Scale (FAS)—can be given to a family member to evaluate the family involvement in the child’s symptoms. As noted, these tests would not normally be used by your child’s doctor during diagnosis or treatment unless you are in a medical research center where studies are underway. Parents of 5-year-old Juan said: Juan is always putting things in a certain order.

Patient not able to handle the symptoms of OCD) or coexistence Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 4% to 22% of people with PTSD have OCD symptoms; 54% of OCD patients had experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime Hypochondriasis; fear of AIDS Fears of having a serious disease Somatoform disorder 36 Attention deficit disorders (ADHD, ADD) In one study, 25% of children with OCD had associated ADHD Learning disorders OCD may worsen such a condition Conduct disorders OCD may worsen such a preexisting condition; however, in children with only OCD who have become disruptive, the treatment of the OCD may improve the behavior Substance abuse Risk is mildly increased in adolescents with OCD 100 Q&A About Your child’s ocd Subtype Comments Pervasive developmental disorders Autism; Asperger syndrome; childhood disintegrative disorder; Rett syndrome; pervasive developmental disorders not otherwise specified Often exhibit stereotyped and repetitive motor mannerisms Schizophrenia Delusional disorders (rare in children) OCD symptoms may exist Ritualized play changes from being a solitary game to group play with rules in the games that have to be followed in a certain way by all the children.

Is this true? What is PANDAS? OCD is not an actual infection. There are no bacteria or viruses in the brain that cause OCD and that could be treated with antibiotics or anti-viral medications. However, there are a group of diseases sometimes seen after treated infections (bacterial and viral). OCD occurring after infection is known as PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections). The idea that some cases of OCD may be due to a previous infection is inspired by the disease model of another neuropsychiatric problem, Sydenham chorea, which in some cases may be seen after bacterial infections.

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