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By Christine Gerrard

This broad-ranging significant other offers readers a radical grounding in either the heritage and the substance of eighteenth-century poetry in all its wealthy type.

  • An updated and wide-ranging advisor to eighteenth-century poetry.
  • Reflects the dramatic transformation which has taken position within the examine of eighteenth-century poetry over the last twenty years.
  • Opens with a piece on contexts, discussing poetry’s relationships with patriotism, politics, technology, and the visible arts, for instance.
  • Discusses poetry by way of female and male poets from all walks of lifestyles.
  • Includes various shut readings of person poems, starting from Pope’s The Rape of the Lock to Mary Collier’s The Woman’s Labour .
  • Includes extra provocative contributions on topics comparable to rural poetry and the self-taught culture, British poetry 'beyond the borders', the buildings of femininity, girls as writers and girls as readers.
  • Designed for use along David Fairer and Christine Gerrard’s Eighteenth-century Poetry: An Annotated Anthology (Blackwell Publishing, moment version, 2003).
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    It is also the case, of course, that defeats – significant losses in naval and territorial battles, the loss of control over trading outposts and colonies – were a recurrent feature of British life, and a constant reminder not only that empire extracted its costs, in terms of compromised political ethics and corruption, and the expenditure of men and materials, but that its boundaries were constantly contested, both by European powers and by subject populations. Not all policy planners or poets reveled in dreams of empire, of course.

    Ll. 21–4) Very early in the next century, Anna Laetitia Barbauld was to incur critical condemnation when she wrote “Eighteen Hundred and Eleven,” a poem weary of the protracted wars that England had fought in Europe and elsewhere, and depressed about the impact of such continual military mobilization on trade and indeed on life at home. The “golden tide of Commerce” flows elsewhere, she wrote, and leaves in its wake “enfeebling Luxury and ghastly Want” (ll. 61–6). British cultural and technological authority declines, and the prospect of national ruin looms: Night, Gothic night, again may shade the plains Where Power is seated, and where Science reigns; England, the seat of arts, be only known By the grey ruin and the moldering stone; That Time may tear the garland from her brow, And Europe sit in dust, as Asia now.

    22 Christine Gerrard King, Kathryn R. (2003). ” In Sarah Prescott and David E. ), Women and Poetry 1660–1750, 203–22. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Mack, Maynard (1969). The Garden and the City: Retirement and Politics in the Later Poetry of Pope, 1731–1743. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley (1993). Essays and Poems, with Simplicity, A Comedy, rev. , ed. Robert Halsband and Isobel Grundy. Oxford: Clarendon. Nicholson, Colin (1994). Writing and the Rise of Finance: Capital Satires of the Early Eighteenth Century.

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