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By Jeremy Black, Andrew George, Nicholas Postgate

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Annii —• also anna annuharu(m), alla/uharum, Mari also innuharum f. SAHAR. RA] sim. to alum, as drug a n n u k a mng. unkn. NB annuka, annukanna "here" Elam, Nuzi annuku —• anaku; annaku; annuqum annumma —• anumma a ( n ) n u m m a n u m "here" Mari; ~

Al) "beyond, past; more than; apart from"; in comparative clauses instead of eli 2. : alia ana, alia ina "beyond, past; apart from" 3. adv. "instead, rather"; < ana I + la; allanum allahavum —• annuharu allak "hub (of a wheel)" M/jB lex. allakkanis alianu I allaku "always moving" M/jB; < alaku allaku "traveller, messenger; agent" j/NB; < alaku allallu I (a kind of bird)jB allalluH, allallu * "powerful" j/NB epith. of gods allalu mng. unkn. jB lex. allami —• allu II allan —• allanum Allanatum (an Ass.

Med. as drug ankunnu (a heavy bronze object)? , Ug. ann... also = ana n... 18 anna a n n a , anni, annu "yes, certainly" O/jB, Nuzi; > annu, annama; inanna; annanna; —• akanna I; annu I; eni annabu amabu annaka(m), Ug. , ana/adi/issu a. NA]; MA a. e. "tin", a. abaru "lead" a n n a m a OA, O/jB "there; thus', in this way"; jB, NA ~ "in the same way"; OB lex. + pron. suff. anndmasu "there he is"; < anna + -ma a n n a m r u ; pi. annamrani (a copper object) NA annania ~ "such-and-such" MA;

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