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By Mary Baxter

Over a interval of 40 days, God gave Mary okay. Baxter visions of hell and commissioned her to inform all to decide on existence. here's an account of where and beings of hell contrasted with the glories of heaven. it's a reminder of the necessity every one folks has for the miracle of salvation

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It was a real coffin, and there were twelve demons marching around it. As they marched, they were chanting and laughing. Each one had a sharp spear in his hand, which he kept thrusting into the coffin through small openings that lined the outside. There was a feeling of great fear in the air, and I trembled at the sight before me. Jesus knew my thoughts, for He said, "Child, there are many souls in torment here, and there are many different types of torment for these souls. " I heard a cry so desperate that it filled my heart with despair.

As far as I could see, there was a great amount of activity going on in the center (the belly) of hell. We stopped, and Jesus spoke. "I am going to take you through the belly of hell, and I am going to reveal many things to you. " The two of us walked on. Jesus said, "Ahead are many terrors. They are not the figment of someone's imagination—but they are real. Be sure to tell your readers that demon Powers are real. Tell them also that Satan is real, and the powers of darkness are real. But tell them not to despair, for if My people which are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and heal their lands and their bodies.

As Jesus led, I walked closely behind Him. I was filled with sorrow for all the awful things I had seen. I was wondering inside of me if the world would believe me. I looked to my left and to my right and behind me— there were pits of fire as far as I could see. I was encircled by the fire, the flames and the burning souls. I cried out in sheer terror. The horror and reality of what I was seeing was too much for me to bear. "O earth, repent," I cried. Great sobs shook my spirit as I walked on with Jesus.

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