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In a wide experience layout technological know-how is the grammar of a language of pictures instead of of phrases. smooth conversation concepts allow us to transmit and reconstitute photos with no the necessity of understanding a particular verbal sequential language corresponding to the Morse code or Hungarian. foreign site visitors indicators use overseas photograph symbols which aren't particular to any specific verbal language. a picture language differs from a verbal one in that the latter makes use of a linear string of symbols, while the previous is multidimensional. Architectural renderings in general express projections onto 3 jointly perpendicular planes, or encompass go sections at vary­ ent altitudes representing a stack of flooring plans. Such renderings make it tricky to visualize structures containing ramps and different good points which hide the separation among flooring; for this reason, they restrict the creativity of the architect. Analogously, we have a tendency to learn average constructions as though nature had used related stacked renderings, instead of, for example, a process of packed spheres, with the outcome that we fail to understand the procedure of association opting for the shape of such structures.

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Any material can demonstrate 3. Systems and Synergy 27 a d _ _ _ '~7b c Fig. 3-1. Six connections between four events, defining a tetrahedral system. this procedure-small marshmallows and toothpicks will do the trick, or pipecleaner segments inserted into plastic straws. The mathematical statement is unaltered by our choice: a minimum of four corners is required for existence. What else must be true? Let's look at the connections between the four corners. ). Now, bring in a fourth point and count the number of interconnections.

What kinds of things constitute systems? Tetrahedron, crocodile, room, chair, you, thought, .... Wait. What about thoughts? "4 Such an effort requires enormous discipline to avoid automatic associations and thereby enable an objective analysis of each word. " Fuller formulates his definition analytically, asking, "What is it I am conscious of doing, when I say I am thinking"? We may not be able to say what it is, but we should be able to specify the procedure. Thinking, he explains, starts with "spontaneous preoccupation"; the process is never deliberate initially.

The radially organized systems of Universe have two basic directions: in toward the center and radially out in a plurality of directions. Airplanes go out to leave and back in to land on the earth's surface. We go in toward the center of the earth when we walk downstairs. The substitutions seem somewhat trivial 20 A Fuller Explanation at first, but again it is difficult to judge without trying them out. ) The sun does not go down, insists Bucky; how long are we going to keep lying to our children?

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