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By William E. Harkins, Marie Hynková

How you can communicate Czech.

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4. Why didthe Danes take the biggest bell with them? 5. What did the monks do when they returned to the church? 6. On what days did the seven bells ring? 7. What did the villagers hear when the monks rang the peal again? tt. Why did the ship sink? 9. What can be heard now when the six bells are rung? Ex. 3. Make questions to which the following sentences are answers. L He saw a strange ship approaching the shore. (What ... ) What did a boy at Bosham see onceT L He ran back to the village. (Where ...

Rr vitlage' there was the and scattered? through When the Danes landed so many strong against were helpless f"';;;l;;ers seen, be to no one find and then rushed they c 'ulJ men. The raiders """i;;;;;;hatever into the church' chu was a peal8 r of seven bells in the Now there re onlY rung on S ding, boom! ' note r thougnt' ,-," --^-1. fha\/ they thollsllt. c rhe neonle came flockingll back uuL Yr deeP had was silence. :11i;il; -:"::,^. u' tt's' the ""1oioprra English Hist from

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