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There’s another common misconception I want to blast out of the water right now. Most people into “public” BDSM usually aren’t having sex in public. Especially in a club where the general public has access. ) I see your raised hand, and yes, I know that it’s not uncommon for submissives/bottoms to have orgasms during scenes. That’s not sex. That’s all right. I’ll wait while you digest that. Okay, let’s back up so you understand how I can make that statement. Some people might only enjoy being tied up.

Despite the fact that not only did a Dom friend of mine with over twenty years of experience in the lifestyle vet the manuscript for me, he told me that he knew a couple that went through a similar situation as Kaden and Leah in my story. Also, I had a lifestyle slave contact me and tell me that she used to be a cutter and her sister slave used to burn herself, and that their two Masters have a pact that if one dies, the other will assume responsibility for the surviving slave. Another Dom I know locally, who has been active in the lifestyle for over thirty years, read “The Reluctant Dom” and told me I absolutely got it right.

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