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By Peggy McMahon

Peggy McMahon's prayers are heartfelt and catch the uncooked, genuine feelings many face with a significant or life-threatening affliction. Her prayers have touched lives way past their starting place in Anchorage, Alaska. Written out of her personal soreness, the prayers of Peggy McMahon have ministered to many in occasions once they couldn't locate the phrases to wish. Addressed to Abba, Father, the prayers are own and heartfelt, written from a spot of weak belief. This e-book may be a convenience and resource of energy for lots of.

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I cry real tears to see you suffer, to hear the plaintive cries as the fabric of your soul is torn. Be strong my child. I have sent soul-lending warriors to march with you. Do not underestimate their strength for I have fortified them with the Holy Spirit. Open your whole being my child; let me mend the gaping wound in your soul through the work of the Holy Spirit, through prayer and through my well appointed ambassadors. ” Abba, let me sleep the sleep of the Angels’ songs; help me prepare for the miracle of life to come to my life.

I beseech you, O God, to throw off this yoke of prattling fear and replace it with the mantle of your peace so that I may rejoin those on the path toward your presence. Keep constant prayer on my lips today, place peace in my heart and secure me in your armor for protection from all enemies. Amen. ~ Saturday ~ Abba, You have graced me with a gentle day. I prayed to you and you listened and heard me. Let me pray without ceasing for faith. ” Help me accept that the journey you have planned for me in this lifetime has been chosen especially for me for a greater purpose.

Reflection All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16 ~ Sunday ~ Father, I feel so unworthy. I would trade this soul pain for pain of another kind, yet I know that my life is not for bargaining. I don’t even know how to let you work in my life. I feel like an imposter, like one who poses prayers and hides her face from you. Use me Lord; develop my patience. This illness has weakened my mind, body and spirit. If you wish me to go on I ask you to help me.

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