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By D.J. Sellmyer, Ralph Skomski

Complicated Magnetic Nanostructures is dedicated to the fabrication characterization, experimental research, theoretical knowing, and usage of complex magnetic nanostructures. the point of interest is on a number of kinds of 'bottom-up' and 'top-down' man made nanostructures, as contrasted to obviously happening magnetic nanostructures corresponding to iron-oxide inclusions in magnetic rocks, and to buildings comparable to excellent skinny movies

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The lower coordinated atoms have higher moment, while atoms inside of the nanostructure have magnetic moment close to the bulk values. Recently, investigations of the electronic structures and magnetism of an Fe chain along the [I 101 direction on a Cu(001) were performed by using the FLAPW method within the generalized gradient approximation [109]. Hong et al. [104] have calculated properties of Co atomic wires on the Cu(001) surface. They show that magnetic moment of atomic size wires can be affected by the substrate.

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