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By Monica Halka

Scientists categorize the chemical components as metals, nonmetals, and metalloids principally in response to the weather' skills to behavior electrical energy at general temperatures and pressures, yet there are different differences taken into consideration while classifying the weather within the periodic desk. The alkali metals, for instance, are metals, yet have such distinct homes that they're given their very own category. a similar is right for the alkaline earths.

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Some of the globules burst into flame and exploded (they also burst into flame when thrown into water). Other globules were quickly tarnished. Davy discovered that the metal reacted with water to liberate hydrogen gas; it was the burning of the hydrogen that produced the flame. ” Davy then repeated the experiment using soda ash. He found that a stronger electrical current was required, and within a few days of his isolation of potassium, he discovered sodium (named because it came from soda ash).

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