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By Brian Harring

Released for the 1st time ever, Descending Into Darkness is the total (at the time this publication went to press) timeline of occasions which led as much as 11th of September. it is also the Russian army record at the behavior of the second one Iraqi conflict.

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The Justice Department said it would not use mailmen to spy on citizens as part of TIPS, its Terror Information and Prevention System. html - 20030930003149-9963190733 Week of August 20 Senior military officers revealed to the press that the Reagan Administration continued to provide military support to Iraq during its war with Iran even after the administration learned that Iraq was using chemical weapons; Iraq's past use of chemical weapons has been cited repeatedly by President Bush as justification for an invasion.

S. S. html - 20030929233929-6218282786 Week of December 25 Bush Administration officials told reporters they tried as hard as they could to blame Iraq 36 for the recent anthrax attacks, but the evidence kept pointing back to America. html 20030929235434-7340306057 Week of February 19 Secretary of State Colin Powell told the Senate that President Bush had decided to overthrow Iraq's Saddam Hussein but had not yet settled on a strategy and was considering his options. html - 200309292354579017225685 The administration was reportedly planning to create an “inspection crisis” by demanding that Iraq admit arms inspectors and then using the expected refusal to justify an attack.

43 Bush, citing satellite photographs, had claimed were sites of renewed production of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. Inspectors found nothing but ruins. html - 20030930175036-1686934251 Week of December 10 Iraq delivered its 12,000-page weapons declaration to the United Nations, and American officials said they would be ready to mount an invasion by next month. html - 20030930005858-2905730077 General Amir al-Saadi, one of Saddam Hussein's closest advisers, challenged the United States to come up with proof that Iraq has resumed nuclear-, biological-, or chemicalweapons programs.

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