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Com many of the independent researchers were afraid to identify themselves and "take on the government", One group of individuals whom Begich - appreciating their wish to be anonymous - began to refer to as "the guys in the bush" sent him volumes of files that they saw as relating to HAARP, Books, papers, news clippings and Internet items arrived each week, as well as occasional government records. He paid less attention to the Internet items, unless they mentioned books or articles or patents he could check out firsthand.

The controversy over "the Eastlund patents" had not yet begun. No physicist had yet warned that experimenting with his patents could turn into "an act of global vandalism". Eastlund had been hired by ARCO as a consultant, to come up with uses for the 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in ARCO's reserves on the North Slope of Alaska. ARCO's problem was the remote location of the gas. Building a pipeline and shunting the gas to industrial centers was no answer; that pipeline megaproject had been on the oil industry agenda for more than twenty years without development.

Another supporter, as with HAARP, was the University of Alaska administration. Again, the appeal was the prospect of money and jobs for the state's residents. O'Neill points out that during the planning stage the scientists ignored the Inupiat people who lived nearest to the site of the proposed nuclear bomb blasts - 30 miles from Ground Zero. "59 In the end they didn't blast that hole in the coast. Between the native peoples' stubborn opposition, and three heroic scientists who stood up and said it was a bad idea, it didn't happen.

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