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By Vasilios Wennergren

For so long as humanity has existed, there were these expert within the occult arts. Such everyone is in a position to remodeling the self, perceiving the delicate point of lifestyles, and affecting truth through nonphysical ability. In each tradition, throughout each period, shamans, magi, mystics, and seers have subtle their arts. This has produced a wealthy and sundry choice of magickal ideas and rituals. Ars Vercanus provides a finished procedure of middle magickal thoughts and theories distilled from an in-depth cross-cultural research of assorted magickal traditions. The theories of Vercanus Magick impart a deep knowing of the way magick really works. Vercanus recommendations basically delineate equipment during which magick will be successfully played. This variety of magick involves a profound moving of attention, facilitating an better notion of fact. via this increased attention the practitioner perceives the deeper elements of truth in which magick happens. The strategies of Vercanus Magick entail the getting to know of awareness and inner energies. This mastery induces a profound transformation within the magus. hence reworked, the magus is able to shaping fact at its inner most point.

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Existence at the etheric level is not subject to spatial, temporal, or physical constraints. As such, results may be achieved at this level of reality that would appear magickal by ordinary standards. Action at the etheric level is not limited by physical location or distance. Free of this spatial limitation, distant subjects may be affected as if physically present. Additionally, action at the etheric level may shift events into alignment with the magickal goal across large, non-localized regions.

Stillness Through the practice of Stillness the magus temporarily suspends all thought. This still state of being facilitates the perception of external etheric phenomena and is a key component of Etheric Perception. Additionally, in the context of the Preliminary Techniques, this state facilitates clear, powerful focus upon a single magickal goal. It is from the stilled mind that the magus summons a solitary thought powerfully directed upon the working at hand. Stillness is integral to the meditative and trance states found in the magickal practices of various cultures.

Material Reality is Affected by Etheric Means via the Action of Etheric Convergence All material phenomena possess an etheric aspect beyond their apparent physical attributes. The material and etheric aspects of any given subject are two sides of a single unified continuum. Thus, changes made to the etheric aspect of a subject are translated to its material aspect. When the etheric aspect of a subject is altered, the material aspect is shifted into conformity with the etheric change. This effect is typically subtle, yet profound.

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