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By Koral Ward

Augenblick, which means actually 'In the blink of an eye', describes a 'decisive second' in time that's either fleeting but momentously eventful, even epoch-makingly major. during this publication, Koral Ward investigates the advance of the idea that into one of many middle rules in Western existential philosophy along such recommendations as anxiousness and person freedom.Ward examines the complete volume of the assumption of the 'decisive moment', within which an individual's complete life-project is open to a thorough reorientation. From its inception in Kierkegaard's works to the writings of Jaspers and Heidegger, she attracts on an enormous array of assets past simply the traditional figures of nineteenth and twentieth century Continental philosophy, discovering rules and examples in images, cinema, tune, paintings, and the fashionable novel.

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This publication was once initially released ahead of 1923, and represents a duplicate of an immense old paintings, protecting an analogous structure because the unique paintings. whereas a few publishers have opted to follow OCR (optical personality attractiveness) know-how to the method, we think this ends up in sub-optimal effects (frequent typographical error, unusual characters and complicated formatting) and doesn't safely guard the historic personality of the unique artifact.

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Of Time and The E ternal, Søren K ierkegaard’s Moment [Øieblik] 25 of ‘human freedom’,131 but in the moment of realisation everything is changed and ‘man’, Haufniensis says, ‘becomes a freedom to himself’, he assumes responsibility. In Fragments also we are told the ‘learner’ cannot have possessed ‘the truth’ before the moment of his becoming aware of it as that is also the moment of its coming into existence. He could not even have been ‘ignorant’ of it as it lay immanent within him. O n the Socratic level, ignorance presupposes the knowledge is there but forgotten, available through recollection [anamnesis].

13–14 112 Martinez, R oy, ‘Kierkegaard’s Ideal of Inward Deepening’, Philosophy Today, Summer, 1988; 32, p. 110. , p. 88. , p. , p. 89. 116 Kierkegaard, The C oncept of Anxiety, p. 93. Kierkegaard’s bold. 117 Swenson, Something About K ierkegaard, pp. 209–10. 118 Kierkegaard, The C oncept of Anxiety, p. 87. 119 In the everyday experience of time, as it ‘skulks along loiteringly and yet so amazingly fast’120 the danger is that, absorbed in activities we miss the significance of the present moment.

145. 60 Kierkegaard, Works of L ove, p. 62. , p. 183 62 Kierkegaard, Journals and Papers, entry 2743 ‘Moment, The Momentary’, p. 208. 63 Kierkegaard, CU P, p. 191. 57 58 Of Time and The E ternal, Søren K ierkegaard’s Moment [Øieblik] 15 Kierkegaard tells us. 64 Daane underlines the necessity of ‘striving’ in the individual which, as we shall find, constitutes an essential element in the concept of the Moment: The persistent striving of life is an expression of the principle that he also is in want and desire, who possesses, but desires the continuous possession of what he possesses.

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