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By W. Reif, G. Schellhorn, K. Stenzel, M. Balser (auth.), Wolfgang Bibel, Peter H. Schmitt (eds.)

1. easy ideas OF INTERACTIVE THEOREM PROVING Interactive Theorem Proving finally goals on the building of strong reasoning instruments that allow us (computer scientists) turn out issues we can't end up with out the instruments, and the instruments can't end up with no us. interplay typi­ cally is required, for instance, to direct and keep watch over the reasoning, to invest or generalize strategic lemmas, and infrequently just because the conjec­ ture to be proved doesn't carry. In software program verification, for instance, right types of necessities and courses as a rule are got basically after a couple of failed facts makes an attempt and next blunders corrections. various interactive theorem provers may very well glance really various: they might help diverse logics (first-or higher-order, logics of courses, style concept etc.), might be general or special-purpose instruments, or should be tar­ geted to diversified functions. however, they proportion universal innovations and paradigms (e.g. architectural layout, strategies, tactical reasoning etc.). the purpose of this bankruptcy is to explain the typical thoughts, layout rules, and easy requisites of interactive theorem provers, and to discover the band­ width of adaptations. Having a 'person within the loop', strongly impacts the layout of the facts software: proofs needs to stay understandable, - facts ideas needs to be high-level and human-oriented, - power facts presentation and visualization turns into very important.

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The situation becomes more complicated if the signature or generation principles are modified. Then it is necessary to inspect each proof if it is affected by the modification. e. to invalidate as few proofs as possible. 2. Global Correctness A theorem may be used in many proofs in different theorem bases. rest ++ x = a E9 y) from list-data. Another example are rewrite rules, which typically are used in many proofs. What should be done with these proofs if the theorem is modified or deleted? Clearly they must be invalidated.

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