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1962). of restricted value for determinations of the site and distribution within a nucleus of atrerents from a particular source. Precise information requires experimental studies with tracing of the fibres which degenerate as a consequence of a lesion of a fibre bundle or its nucleus of origin. In recent years most students have employed one of the many methods for silver impregnation of degenerating axons, most commonly the Nauta (1957) method. Since the staining of normal fibres is suppressed the degenerating elements can be recognized not only by their morphological changes but also by their dark brownish-black colour against a yellow background.

7. Photomicrographs ( x 240) showing acute retrograde changes (central tigiolysis and peripheral displacement of nucleus) in cells of the lateral vestibular nucleus in a kitten subjected to transection of the ventrolateral funiculus of the cord between CZand C3 at the age of 8 days and killed 8 days later. Note that changes occur in small (a) as well as in laige and giant cells (b). The cells in a are from the small group 1 of the lateral nucleus (cf. Fig. 1). From Pompeiano and Brodal (1957a).

86, 117-146. H. H. (1965) Ultrastructural studies of the labyrinth in squirrel monkeys. In The Role of SPOENDLIN, the Vestibular Organs in the Exploratinn of Spare. NASA SP-77, 7-22. STEER,R. , JR. (1967) The Influence [$Angular andLinear Acceleration and Thermal Stimulation on the Human Semicircular Canal. D. , pp. Xlll-143. STEINHAUSEN, W. (1931) uber den Nachweis der Bewegung der Ciipula in der intakten Bogengangsampulle des Labyrinthes bei der naturlichen rotatorischen und calorischen Reining.

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