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Playing with Infinity. Mathematical Explorations and Excursions

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The limitless! No different query has ever moved so profoundly the spirit of guy; no different concept has so fruitfully influenced his mind; but no different suggestion stands in better desire of rationalization than that of the endless. . . - David Hilbert (1862-1943) Infinity is a fathomless gulf, there's a tale attributed to David Hilbert, the preeminent mathe­ into which all issues matician whose citation seems to be above.

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The encoding N{q0 },ρ (M, {q0 }, ϕ) of an RBM M. The resource requirements are left out here. M q0 ϕ q1 q2 ❣ N{q0 },ρ (M, {q0 }, ϕ) pq0 tq0 q1 pq1 tˆq0 q1 pϕ pS pq2 tq0 q2 Fig. 7. The encoding N{q0 },ρ (M, {q0 }, ϕ) of an RBM M. The resource requirements are left out here. Additionally, for the next-operator we extend the construction and disable, in the first step, transition that do not result in a state satisfying ϕ. These transition are only enabled if there is a token in pϕ . The net is shown in Figure 7.

If a marking is reachable an appropriate sequence of transitions is constructed. This sequence can also be used to construct κ: One simply takes the maximum of all markings of all resource types along this sequence. If the state is not reachable, κ is chosen arbitrarily. Finally, we also include non-feasible resource sets and get the main result. Theorem 6 (Model CheckingRTL: Decidability). The model-checking problem for RTL over RBMs is decidable. Proof (Sketch). We extend the previous construction to be able to deal with non-feasible resource sets.

Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2010), Porto, Portugal, August 16-20 (to appear, 2010) 6. : Design and synthesis of synchronization skeletons using branching time temporal logic. In: Kozen, D. ) Logic of Programs 1981. LNCS, vol. 131, pp. 52–71. Springer, Heidelberg (1982) 7. : Automatic verification of finite-state concurrent systems using temporal logic specifications. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 8(2), 244–263 (1986) 8. : Sometimes and not never revisited: On branching versus linear time temporal logic.

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