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By Sergio De Risio, Franco F. Orsucci

This booklet reports the principles of ethics within the heritage of Western considering. It connects those philosophical issues with evolutionary thought and modern bioethics, biology and medication, posing new questions for the present dialectics among specific and contextual ethics. Novel solutions are provided from complexity concept — self-organization and nonlinear dynamics.

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By a violation of justice. In a similar sense, pure consequentialism lacks a last yardstick of judging the possible consequences of our actions, and, besides that, it is practically impossible in many cases to win sufficient knowledge of all possible consequences of action. This last argument is also pertinent to an ethics of responsibility; and, beyond that, the will to take over responsibility for all recognizable consequences of an action makes a person a possible victim of blackmailing (extortion).

Hence, the ethical and juridical problematic of a multi-cultural society in our day gets its complexity by the fact that universalistic ethics of justice, and a law system that is committed to realizing human rights, is at the same time subjected to two obligations: to tolerate and protect the collective ways of the good life in the interests of their adherents and to defend the individual forms of self-realization against traditional or even fundamentalist claims of collective forms of ethnic or religious communities.

Darwin, 1977) 22 Bioethics in Complexity 20. Long before there was deliberate breeding, unconscious selection was the process that created and refined all our domesticated species, and even at the present time, unconscious selection continues. ” (Darwin, 1977) 21. There is no doubt that unconscious selection has been a major force in the evolution of domesticated species. In our own time, unconscious selection goes on apace, and we ignore it at our peril. Unconscious selection in bacteria and viruses for resistance to antibiotics is only the most notorious and important example.

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