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By Alistair McFadyen

This ebook discusses the Christian doctrine of sin when it comes to sexual abuse of youngsters and the Holocaust, permitting those pathological events to light up and query our figuring out of sin. Taking heavily the explanatory energy of secular discourses for reading and regulating healing motion with regards to such occasions, the e-book asks no matter if the theological language of sin can provide extra illumination by means of talking of God and the realm jointly. The e-book is rare in discussing the Holocaust on the subject of Christian doctrine.

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Freedom as a formal capacity for unconstrained choice has no preconditions but itself; is contingent on nothing but the free decision of the subject. Neither anything in the social, nor in one’s own personal, inheritance effects a distortion of one’s inner, personal core of freedom. That inner, personal core always stands in an external relationship to both one’s own history of action and to social and other realities external to the self. So, one’s acts have no significant after-life in relation to one’s freedom.

1039–1041. 5. For a useful orientation here, see H. D. Lewis, Morals and the New Theology (London: Victor Gollancz, 1947); Morals and Revelation (London: George Allen & Unwin, 1951). 6. H. Richard Niebuhr makes a different and powerful case for the independence of sin as a religious category over against the hegemony of the moral in our culture in ‘Man the Sinner’, Journal of Religion, 15 (1935), 272–80. 19 20 Drawing into Conversation special form of causality, such that it is a necessary but insufficient condition for the attribution of moral responsibility to trace the cause of an effect back to an individual’s action.

Thus, the resistance of secular culture to original sin may throw the distinctively theological aspects of understanding pathology as sin into sharp relief. We may therefore ask whether alternative conceptions remain functionally theological, as well as whether they hold as much or more explanatory power than original sin or the secular, moral discourse with which they are allied. Beginning with original sin, then, maximises the possibilities of testing the explanatory and descriptive power of sin as a theological language.

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