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By James P. Carse

This used to be precise mystical imaginative and prescient. This i'll by no means have expected. yet I knew that we have been either at the related galactic trip into the good void that includes us all. i used to be status sooner than a boundlessness which could swallow the celebrities in a heartbeat.--from Breakfast on the Victory

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The orange was rapidly transforming itself into a bruised and leaky glob. It was this very object speeding in my direction through the stunned emptiness of the common room. I took a few quick steps toward the end of the room and leapt, arching back as if to catch a football. Instead, I only tipped it with my fingers in a way that propelled it into a second high arc. ” The stain from the orange was still visible when Alice and I were married in that same place three years later, two days before graduation….

By stating that ego is made of a completely different substance from all material entities, he not only sets mind into dualistic opposition to both body and world, he insists that the mind can know itself through and through. The dog has no mind because Descartes recognized nothing of himself in the dog. That is, one’s own mind, one’s very identity, can only be what one recognizes. Descartes thought he was pointing to the absolute irreconcilability of two kinds of substance—mind and body. In fact, he was dividing ego from soul, but could not have understood it this way because he did not see how he could be unrecognizable to himself.

It is that in using language we create distinctions where none exist. For Taoists as for Buddhists and Sufis, everything is under way, in motion, passing, impermanent, samsaric. Using words to isolate some portion of the flux is like taking a photograph of the surface of the ocean. No sooner does the lens close than a different ocean appears. It may be the same ocean but no single photograph, or any number of photographs, can capture its oneness. The truly real, as the Hindus say, is neti neti, not this and not that.

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