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By Dennis McKenna

If you lived via what's often referred to as the Psychedelic Revolution, Terrence McKenna is a legend. as soon as often called "the intellectual's Timothy Leary." Terence attained iconic prestige as a thorough thinker, futurist, cultural critic, and raconteur. His unorthodox rules concerning the evolutionary and cultural impression of psychedelic medicinal drugs surprised many and resonated with many others. In 1971, we launched into an day trip to the Amazon, bent on uncovering the genuine secret at the back of psychedelic event. Terrence died in 2000, by no means to profit if his predictions concerning the finish of the area, in his specific feel, have been actual. As Terence's more youthful brother and in simple terms sibling, I grew up with him in a small city in western Colorado in the course of the fifties and sixties. touring jointly within the Colombian Amazon in 1971 with a couple of different kindred spirits we known as our band "the Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss." As Terence's brother, I helped him create and increase a lot of "his" rules. Terence grew to become the spokesman for the alien dimensions accessed via psychedelics, a thinker of the unspeakable, a cherished and infrequently reviled bard of the marvels and coffee terrors ready within the recesses of human attention. via selection and inclination, I stayed within the heritage, pursuing a systematic profession in disciplines that levels from ethnopharmachology and ethnobotany to neuroscience. on account that Terence's dying, now we have witnessed the 1st decade of a brand new period that through all early symptoms may be as unusual and traumatic, as packed with wish and depression, as any interval that humanity has but persisted. i have been attracted to glance again at how our own global begun. i wished to retrace the adventure that took us from our formative years to our separate destinies, preventing to revisit the folks and concepts that formed us

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Although not usually characterized as such, that song was the first I’d ever heard about the dangers of drug abuse—in this case alcohol—and I took it to heart. A decade later, I had a similar reaction to the lyrics of “Heroin,” the famous song by Velvet Underground. I have never tried heroin in my life, and have never wanted to. Hearing that song as a teenager probably helped me avoid getting tied up with one of the more harmful and dangerous recreational drugs. On the other hand, I got very involved with the psychedelics and cannabis, perhaps encouraged by the seductive lyrics of songs like “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” “Mr.

Born in 1941, they were teenagers by the mid-fifties, the early era of rock and roll—Buddy Holly, James Dean, Elvis. That was the strange, surrealistic decade when the country, still benumbed by the trauma of the war, was yearning to rediscover some semblance of normalcy, either unaware or in denial of the forces that were gathering beneath the surface, ready to burst into what American culture became in the sixties. But for the moment it was an innocent, if less than fully conscious, time. It must be exceedingly odd to be an “identical” twin, in that no one is really identical even if they have exactly the same genes.

I have visited him in every city where he and his wife Sheila have lived. And, above all, Dennis and I have experienced great adventures of the mind together due to our common interest in psychoactive plants and modified states of consciousness. In 1985, I invited him to participate in what was the first international and interdisciplinary symposium on ayahuasca, which I organized in Bogotá as part of the forty-fifth International Congress of the Americanists, an academic conference that takes place every two years, alternating between Europe and the Americas.

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