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By Haicheng Ling

This publication, divided into 5 elements, explains the foundation and unfold of the faith all through China. It additionally explains the 3 branches of Buddhism; "the Pali, Han and Tibetan"¡and their affects on either historic and modern day China.

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It is an imitation made of wood with five stories. There are eight sides on each floor. At the base of the pagoda is a relief sculpture of the Buddha, while on the first floor are the sculptures of the four gods and flying apse. In the walls of 1,000-Buddhas Mountain Ridge, there are 294 niches, housing 5 15 Buddha statues. Nested deep in the bushes and hills, the temple enjoys a surrounding that is very beautiful, especially in the autumn when the whole mountain was covered with red leaves and the ancient temple, the 1000-Buddhas caves and the Buddhist relics pagoda hidden in the lush greens seem to make the mountain acquire soul.

The most important structure in the temple is what is known as the Big Goose Pagoda. It was a brick structure of five stories 9. sn and about 60 meters (197 feet) high. The secular name, Big Goose, seems to have nothing to do with Buddhism. But there is a story behind this pagoda. According to historical records, the l monks living in the Da Ci'en Temple had no meat to eat. They longed much for it so one of the monks started to pray to the God for blessing. At that very moment, a group o f wild geese flew over the temple.

He was wounded by an arrow but put down the rebellion. He pardoned his brothers and renounced the throne and became a Buddhist monk, settling in Venuvanavihara at Nalanda monastery. At the behest of his master Dharmagupta, he embarked on a journey to holy places of Sakyamuni. He traveled to many countries and everywhere he o 绎 ° g rs | | | | . 43 went he had wild animals as his guide and in every cave where he lived, there were portraits of Sakyamuni. In 716, he came to China. He was met by Emperor Xuan Zong and began translating Buddhist texts.

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