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By Richard T. Wright, Scott H. Decker, Gilbert Geis

Via vast and candid interviews, the authors of this ground-breaking paintings have studied burglars' decision-making strategies in the context in their streetlife tradition. during this quantity they current their findings within the parts of motivation, goal choice, tools of coming into and looking a place of abode, and strategies of promoting stolen items, concluding with a dialogue of the theoretical implications in their learn.

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The risk of being confronted by police patrols seemed especially great since we planned to visit the site of recent successful burglaries with offenders. We significantly reduced this possibility before beginning our fieldwork by negotiating an agreement with the police that they would not interfere in our research. Cromwell et al. (1991) maintain that, without an agreement of this sort, field studies of active criminals may well be impossible. Negotiating such an agreement, however, is not always easy.

I don't ask my father for anything. My mother is not able to help. (Larry Harris—No. 035) Given this view, it is unsurprising that the frequency with which the offenders committed burglaries was governed largely by the amount of money in their pockets. Many of them would not offend so long as they had sufficient cash to meet current expenses. Usually what I'll do is a burglary, maybe two or three if I have to, and then this will help me get over the rough spot until I can get my shit straightened out.

We had no hand in the initial development of the pimping scheme; it operated clandestinely for some time before we learned of its existence. The practice first came to our attention when we picked up an offender referred by an informer, only to find that the informant expected to be allowed to come along and sit in on the interview. We explained that for reasons of confidentiality this was not possible and, thus, he and the interviewee agreed to meet at a designated spot afterwards. At the conclusion of the interview, however, the subject asked to be dropped off at a different location.

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