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By Michael Hallett

Cantor's principles shaped the foundation for set idea and in addition for the mathematical therapy of the idea that of infinity. The philosophical and heuristic framework he built had a long-lasting impact on sleek arithmetic, and is the recurrent subject matter of this quantity. Hallett explores Cantor's rules and, particularly, their ramifications for Zermelo-Frankel set conception.

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Adv. Math. 285, 1487–1510 (2015) 20. : A canonical partition relation for uniform families of finite strong subtrees. Discrete Math. -H. uk Automata, logic and games provide the mathematical theory that underpins the model checking of reactive systems: – automata on infinite words and trees as models of computation for state-based systems, – logical systems such as temporal and modal logics for specifying correctness properties, and – two-person games as a mathematical model of the interactions between a system and its environment.

The author aims to convey the fascinating confluence of ideas from logic, Ramsey theory and set theory leading to applications to solving problems in model theory/universal relational structures. Acknowledgments. The author gratefully acknowledges the support of NSF Grants DMS-142470 and DMS-1600781. References 1. : Finite basis for analytic strong n-gaps. Combinatorica 33(4), 375–393 (2013) 2. : Types in the n-adic tree and minimal analytic gaps. Adv. Math. 292, 558–600 (2016) 3. : The universal triangle-free graph has finite Ramsey degrees.

Sn ) = εx A(x; s1 , . . t, . . sn ) e e can be proved from t = u together with t = t → εx A(x; s1 , . . t , . . sn ) = εx A(x; s1 , . . t, . . sn ) e (=ε ) e t = u → (t = u → t = t) (=2 ) Since e and e already occurred in π, by assumption e , e ≺ e. In the second case, the original formulas read, with terms indicated: t = u → εx A(x; s1 , . . t, . . , u , . . , sn ) = εx A(x; s1 , . . u, . . , u , . . , sn ) e e t = u → εx A(x; s1 , . . u, . . , t , . . , sn ) = εx A(x; s1 , .

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