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P. / add. ref. 75Gri2 2(CH,),SiC=C(Si(CH,),) [P(OC,H,), (OC(CH,),)] -t+, products due to bimolecular decay React. l 2(CH,),CCd(C(CH,),)[P(OC,H,),(OC(CH,), React. 9 Radicals with 3 conjugated x-electrons products Phot. of acetone in isopropanol to give (CH,),COH which in the presenceof ally1 bromide gives the ally1 radical 24%. 109M-1s-1 H abstraction from propene using photochem. 8. 3. /M Phot. of di-t-butyl peroxide in presenceof triallyl phosphite KESR Mixt. 42. 64. 96. 76. 70. 25. 53(25)kJ mol- ’ 2 H,C==CHC(OH)NH, products Pulse rad.

Of diethoxyphosphonyl radicals with di-t-butylimine persistent ; radical decays with KESR DTBP 296 first-order kinetics. C,,2=8h 2(CH,),C((CH,CH,O),PO)c((CH,CH,O),PO), + products due to bimolecular decay React. of diethoxyphosphonyl radicals with pivalonitrile DTBP 296 persistent ; radical decays with KESR first-order kinetics. 7,,,=29min 74Kabl 74Kabl Ad = 1-adamantyl 2 Ad((CH,),Si)cN(Si(CH,),), -++ products due to bimolecular decay React. of trimethylsilyl radicals with l-adamantyl nitrile 74Kabl persistent; radical decays with KESR DTBP 296 first-order kinetics 2((CH,),C),eNHSi(n-C,H,), -++ products due to bimolecular decay React.

Add. ref. 108M-‘s-l 41) 0 OH OH 0 Phot. of ethylpyruvate in isopropylalcohol isopropylalcohol KESR RT 2 -O,CCH,C(CO;)CH,CO; products React. 6. lo6 69Sim2 ;HCOO2 products &H&00React. of H. 0 HO&ZOO- 69Sim2 02 H,NCH,CONHCH,COC,H, products React. 9 NC 2 1. 1~10gM-‘s-’ A,,,,,= 275 nm ; ~=1800M-‘s-l products 3 React. of RSN-H, SESR CA with tetracyanoethylene RT 77Heil persistent 40) For product studies, see [63Leel, 64Huy1, 64Yan1, 66Kenl]. 41) Disproportionation occurs to a small extent, the dominant reaction is combination.

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