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0 Hamilton was therefore helping to stock the Advocates' Library with German texts around the time when Carlyle was first awakening to German literature and philosophy. 1 Carlyle's reading of Scottish philosophical works prior to 1834, as mentioned in Chapter 2, included Hamilton's important 1829 article 'Philosophy of the Unconditioned'. Within a month of reading this article he wrote to Macvey Napier that: Hamilton's Paper gave proof of much metaphysical reading and meditation: but I dare say your readers would complain of unintelligibility and so forth; indeed it is full of subtle schoolman logic, and on a subject difficult above all others to discuss for English minds.

The label was used variously in the nineteenth century- numerous writers have since used it virtually without question. 8 Of course, on occasion, Carlyle described himself as a prophet. 39 Some six months before Sartor first began to appear in Fraser's Magazine, Carlyle wrote to Mill: Alas, in these days, all light Sportfulness, and melodious Art, has fled away from us, far away; not in Poetry, but only if so might be in Prophecy, in stem Old-Hebrew Denunciation, can one speak of the accursed Realities that now, and for generations, lie round us, and weigh heavy on us!

3 27 28 Carlyle and Scottish Thought Before the news of Jane's death had reached him, Carlyle was feted by some notable Edinburgh figures. He went to several celebratory banquets, one of which, at David Masson's, was attended by the satirist and wit, the Scottish judge, Lord Neaves. Neaves delighted the company by getting them to sing his song, 'Stuart Mill on Mind and Matter'. 4 Mill's damning, heavyweight attack on Hamilton's philosophy, his Examination, had been published in the previous year, 1865, nine years after Hamilton's death in 1856.

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