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Top-rated neurophysiologists and psychophysicists offer pertinent details at the nature of illustration on the earliest levels as this can constrain the disposition of all next processing. This processing is mentioned in numerous forms of visible belief.


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2. Corticocortical connections, viewed by retrograde transport of extracellularly injected horseradish peroxidase (HRP). (a) Following a focal HRP injection in area 19, the retrogradely labelled cells in area 17 are found in the superficial cortical layers and are distributed widely, indicating highly convergent connections. The cells are grouped in clusters, reflecting columnar specificity of the connections. (b) Camera lucida Dynamics of visual cortex 39 FIG. 3. Layer 6 pyramidal cell projecting to layer 4.

Reproduced with permission from Gilbert (1992). Gestalt laws of perceptual grouping, and may be related to visual segmentation. Which of these observations can be related to the context dependency and mutability of receptive fields seen in striate cortex remains to be established, but at least in t h e domains of orientation and position there appears to be a strong link. Dynamics of visual cortex 49 X X FIG. 8. Receptive field maps in a region of monkey cortex deafferented by a retinal lesion, immediately before the lesion was made (left) and two months following the lesion (right).

2). The clustered intrinsic and extrinsic corticocortical connections have been seen in other visual areas, including V2, V3 and MT, and in somatosensory, auditory and frontal cortex (Gilbert & Kelly 1975, Zeki 1976, Goldman & Nauta 1977, Imig & Brugge 1978, Jones et a1 1978, Gilbert & Wiesel 1979, 1983, Imig & Reale 1981, Tigges et a1 1981, Rockland & Lund 1982, Weller et al 1984, DeFelipe et a1 1986, Rockland & Virga 1990, Ojima et a1 1991, 1992, Lund et a1 1993). Just as the horizontal connections show columnar specificity in visual cortex, similar specificities are observed in auditory cortex (Imig & Reale 1981).

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