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By Colin Stanley

The 'Occult Trilogy' is the collective label utilized to Colin Wilson's 3 significant works at the occult: The Occult (1971); Mysteries: an research into the Occult, the magical and the Supernatural (1978) and past the Occult (1988). They amounted to a huge 1600 pages and feature spawned many different lesser works.

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590) Not only is consciousness intentional, it is also relational “as if everything I look at has invisible threads running from it to all the surrounding objects” (593). When consciousness is doing its proper work it is as if the archer fires a shower of arrows simultaneously. For Wilson “the recognition that consciousness is ‘relational’ as well as intentional has an important corollary: perception itself is a creative act …and like all other forms of creation, it yields results in proportion to the effort” (593-4).

Howard F. Dossor feels that this theory: “…has profound implications for a philosophy of human existence. It provides a possible explanation for the sense of meaninglessness which is endemic within twentieth century man. Surrounded by a panorama of astonishing variety and richness, we live on the bottom rung of the ladder so that our view is restricted. Inevitably we become bored with the puny environment our vision extends to, like a child whose sense of wonder at a particular toy gradually drains away as the hours pass.

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