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73. : “one knows” instead of “you know” 12 sees how very often one overlooked an act of human74 kindness to be done. Some natures there are who only need a word of human73 sympathy and of comfort, of kindness. If we do not listen to people at the right moment, very often we lose a battle which we might have won by having listened to him and having understood his wants. No strength is needed, only tact. It is this wonder-working of a person75 which has done miracles. There is no greater miracle to perform than to create harmony in one’s life, one’s home, one’s office, one’s work.

Or” added before “Christian”, “Hindu”, and “Buddhist” 7. st. 8. : “religion” in place of “mysticism” 9. : “yours” instead of “your mysticism” 10. : “does not know” instead of “has not yet known” 11. : “For” added before “There” 12. : “as there cannot be many wisdoms; there is” instead of “; there is one mysticism. There can only be” 14 be12 one wisdom. It is the13 error of mankind that there14 is Eastern and 15 Western wisdom16. 17As long as Eastern and Western is attached to wisdom, it is not wisdom.

101 The one who knows needs no discussion102. 103He knows. 103 Besides to put the truth104 into words is like putting105 the ocean in a bottle106. Yes,107 there is a wine the mystic drinks and that wine is ecstasy, a wine so powerful that the presence of the mystic becomes like108 wine for everyone who comes in his presence—109the wine of the real sacrament. 110 One may111 ask: 112Where does it come from, what is it made of? Call it power or life113 which comes through the mystic, through spheres every man is attached to.

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