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By Professor John C. Tibbetts

Amadeus . . . Yankee Doodle Dandy . . . Swanee River . . . Rhapsody in Blue. Even prior to video clips had sound, filmmakers dramatized the lives of composers. motion picture biographies—or biopics—have depicted composers as assorted as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George M. Cohan, Stephen Foster, and George Gershwin. during this engaging ebook, the 1st committed fullyyt to such motion pictures, John C. Tibbetts surveys diverse kinds and classes from the Hollywood of the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties to the overseas cinema of this day, exploring the function that movie biographies play in our figuring out of background and tradition. Tibbetts delves into such questions as: How traditionally exact are composer biopics? How and why have inaccuracies and distortions been perpetrated? What recommendations were used to symbolize visually the inventive approach? The e-book examines the flicks in different contexts and considers their function in commodifying and popularizing track. large archival study, dozens of illustrations, and various interviews make this an beautiful publication for movie and tune fanatics in any respect levels.

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At this writing it is unavailable (only a 35-millimeter print is available to scholars at the archives of the British Film Institute). ≥∞ Of particular interest to this study is its subversion of the Blossom Time paradigm with typically Hitchcockian satiric asides, sly erotic twists, a secondary plot about the bitter rivalry between Strauss the elder and Strauss the younger, and the deployment of Straussian tunes. , is a struggling young composer who has been relegated literally to second fiddle in the orchestra of his celebrity father.

Schubert did go to Hungary as a young man, but not to avoid military conscription; rather, he spent a summer tutoring the daughters of Count Johann Karl Esterházy of Galanta. He never returned to teaching because by 1818 he was making a living, albeit scantily, by composing music for meager commissions. )≤≤ Schubert’s relations with Haslinger were relatively good; and late The Classical Style 29 in life he also published through another firm, the Mainz company of B. Schott. The Eighth Symphony remained unfinished for a variety of reasons, none of which had anything to do with career frustrations.

And they provide the ‘‘soundtracks’’ to the lives of composers (such as the many biopics examined in this book). In sum, Hollywood exploits and confirms the enduring familiarity and popularity of the musical canon. At the same time Hollywood applied the classical composer paradigm to the tunesmiths of Tin Pan Alley, establishing a popular ‘‘canon,’’ if you will, responsive to the late-nineteenth-century preachments of composer Dvoˇrák, the pioneering work of ethnomusicologist Arthur Farwell, the increased dissemination of music by the rapidly growing sheet music industry, and the proliferation of player piano rolls, nickelodeons, and phonographs.

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