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By David T. Schwartz

David T. Schwartz offers the main distinctive philosophical exploration up to now on buyer ethics.

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29 Happy, indeed. To protect children during these vital, formative years, many societies prohibit or severely restrict the employment of children. Also, many societies now generally acknowledge that children often lack the ability to choose in their own long-term interests, necessitating the formal consent of a child’s parent or guardian in any decisions involving serious matters such as employment, medical care, and education. The idea is that children typically lack the faculties needed to choose wisely on such weighty matters, and thus they need some protection against the risks of making bad choices.

Unlike more straightforward, causally simple harms, accumulative harms can be observed only over time through repeated viewings, something few people have the time, inclination, or resources to do. Injustice A second type of wrongdoing associated with consumer products is significant injustice, such as racism or sexism. As with harm, injustice carries a narrow philosophical meaning here that must be clarified. Like harm, injustice is often considered among the more serious forms of wrongdoing. That is, while all injustice is a wrongdoing, not all wrongdoings are injustices.

A living wage is a wage pegged to relevant indicators in the workers’ local economy that estimate basic living costs in that locality or region. Thus, workers in high-cost regions are paid more—often significantly more—than the legally binding minimum wage. In contrast, campaigns for a fair wage seek to insure that workers receive compensation that is in some sense “fair” with respect to the resources they expended and the value their labor added to the product. These efforts are common in developing countries, where individual workers have virtually no bargaining power against multinational conglomerates seeking to employ them or lease their land.

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