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C+ o & H O (Λ H· O P H bd P o o Consumption Patterns in Europe 16 Finally, Basic Tables 3 and 4 supply complementary information for the analysis and interpretation of preceding tables on social indicators on the one hand and investments on the other. Basic Table 3 regroups, for the three years reviewed, the various physical indicators used for estimating in real terms the developments jpf consumption categories in which collective funds play the most important role. Finally, Basic Table 4 assembles for each of the three years some aggregate data on the financing of investment in health, education, social services and housing.

Starting from national accounts which are conceived from a different perspective and with different systems of statistical information, it was necessary: (i) to ensure the homogeneity of breakdowns of the detailed statistics to be supplied by the participants, and (ii) to organize the basic data in a set of more condensed tables which meet the double condition of being comparable between countries and characteristic for the purpose of the study. 1 Basic tables Tabulations 1 and 2 summarize in a very simplified fashion how the main economic operations in the national accounting systems of the two groups of countries should be recorded.

By contrast, one part of transfers from social consumption funds passes through the market. This is why the breakdown of consumption into a personal and a social component adopted in the project is of limited significance from the viewpoint of interpreting social consumption. 7 must be viewed. Personal and social consumption must be distinguished from individual and collective forms of the organization of consumption. The latter subdivision delimits social services and self-service. 30 Consumption Patterns in Europe The need to consider the consumption of goods and services in its aggregate is self-evident.

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