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By Qisheng Lin, John D. Corbett (auth.), Prof. Dr. Xin-Tao Wu (eds.)

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Surprisingly, we obtained not only the thermodynamically stable 1/1 AC and i-QC phases, but also the valuable higher order 2/1 AC [82]. Figure 12 shows a portion of the Sc–Mg–Zn phase distributions according to X-ray powder data analyses. As can be seen, the Sc–Mg–Zn i-QC appears in this section in a dumbbell-shaped region, beyond which the 1/1 and 2/1 ACs exist. This particular i-QC forms over a wide composition range, in contrast to that in Sc–Mg–Cu–Ga [80]. We currently have little control over such subtle differences in electronic structure and packing that are presumably responsible for this.

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