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Nepali has additionally been followed by way of peoples of the Himalayan quarter who belong to diversified linguistic teams, and is now understood through the entire of Nepal, the Darjeeling area of West Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan and elements of Tibet, the place it has functioned as a language of alternate and trade for good over centuries.

The goal of this direction, which covers the entire grammar and all of the structures of contemporary Nepali, is to provide an entire description of either the spoken and written kinds of sleek usual Nepali, and to allow the scholar to appreciate, converse and skim such a lot sorts of Nepali she or he is probably going to come across. the sooner classes focus typically at the spoken variety, and the dialog passages whilst the later classes crisis non secular, political and literary themes.

Nepal is a land which already presents nice leisure to the expanding variety of viewers from the west. a data of the language results in a deeper knowing of the tradition of its humans, and the thing of A path in Nepali is to supply the technique of studying it with out a lot trouble. past variants of this path were the traditional publication for college kids on the institution of Oriental and African stories, and it's with no query the confirmed marketplace leader.

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S vt Vowels 3T Velar 'W . T a ^ E (i Visarga • Virám \ Alternatives i oY "--Tr-- The following is a handwritten version of Exercise la (p. 26). crp:fr w? N-1 LAI tu p ia i *T-g-r ^ ^. camt1Tr Ø I ^ ? )-1 isi^ a^ á^ c^ ^ araer 2 all eTT-TT_- ^ ? 1'44-:'er w. ^^ 9 o, 9 9. 9a. -T - mr ;,) 22 LESSON 1 1. Nepali has no equivalent of the English definite or indefinite articles `the', 'a'. Thus P l 5 t Jahar means a town or the town, 1 rr mánche a man or the _P man. ) 2. Adjectives always precede the noun they qualify: the/an old temple puráno mandir it if Pi5t the/a big city thulo fahar the/a good film rámro sinemá 1 ^) fØ The English loan word means both cinema and film.

It is the capital of India. What about that hotel? Is it good? It is a holiday today. The college is closed, isn't it? My elder brother is (HGH) a lecturer in the university. He is in the Nepali department. The Prime Minister is (HGH) in India nowadays. Tokyo is the biggest city in the world, you know. How far is your (MGH) village from here? It's not very far. Mr. Pradhán's shop is in Kathmandu. He (LGH) is very rich, you know. Exercise 3c Translate into Nepali All the shops; the biggest temple; he (MGH) is a Nepali; that's my book, isn't it?

At one o'clock. At five o'clock. At twelve o'clock. What time is it? It is nine o'clock. It is eleven o'clock. ir 41-1, waft mero gha timá tin bajyo According to my watch it is three o'clock. Note the use of -11T in this expression. s (c) with nouns denoting periods of time, measures, weights and receptacle : two weeks fifteen days twenty miles sixteen years fourteen kilos three cups of tea After numerals nouns always retain their singular form. (d) in expressions of age: 53 A COURSE IN NEPALI f4t 74z*?

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