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Richmond Hill, Ontario, CAN: Firefly Books, 2012. Morgan, Richela Fabian. Tape It and Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities. Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s, 2012. Wallenfang, Patti. Just Duct Tape It! Little Rock, AR: Leisure Arts, 2011. com/duck-tape-club/ducktivities Find and share ideas for making crafts, clothes, and other creations with duct tape. edu This museum’s Web site encourages curious thinkers and creators. 31 Index adhesive layer, 5 reversible belt project, 20–21 colorful meal project, 16–17 colors, 7, 8, 12, 26 craft knives, 8–9 scissors, 8 square flaps, 13 stadium seat project, 26–28 ductwork, 6–7 tabs, 13 technicians, 6–7 tissue box project, 24–25 tote bag project, 23 triangle flaps, 13 two-sided sheets, 12 two-sided strips, 10 fabric layer, 5, 8, 12, 13 fringe, 13 fringe flowers project, 14–15 handles, 11, 23 jazzy jars project, 18–19 measuring tools, 9 waterproof layer, 5, 6 wax paper, 9 work surfaces, 9 World War II, 6, 7 painter’s tape, 9 patterns, 7, 8, 20, 28 pencil case project, 22–23 place mats project, 16–17 pressure sensitive adhesive, 5 About the Author Dana Meachen Rau is the author of more than 300 books for children on many topics, including science, history, cooking, and crafts.

You can share the color, too. Duct tape creations make great gifts to spread your creativity around. 29 Glossary adhesive (ad-HEE-siv) a substance, such as glue, that makes things stick together alternate (AWL-tur-nayt) go back and forth between two things ammunition (am-yuh-NISH-uhn) bullets or shells that can be fired from weapons bond (BAHND) a force that holds objects together creases (KREE-siz) folds or lines in fabric or paper duct (DUHKT) a tube that carries air or liquid from one place to another durable (DOOR-uh-buhl) tough and lasting for a long time flexible (FLEK-suh-buhl) able to bend precise (pri-SISE) very accurate or exact reinforce (ree-in-FORS) to make something stronger or more secure resourceful (ri-SORS-fuhl) able to solve problems in creative ways technicians (tek-NISH-uhnz) people who work with specialized equipment or do practical laboratory work 30 For More Information Books Bell-Rehwoldt, Sheri.

Cover the base of each handle with color A. Line Up! e using a duct ar When you attern, try ap tape with as best you up to line it ill notice w e n o o n can so strips. n e e w t e b the seams 28 Cover It Up! You can make colorful duct tape creations for all parts of your day. Start the morning using a toothbrush with a colorful handle. Cover a notebook or binder to use at school. Decorate a lunch box with stripes of patterned tape. Make a wallet to hold your allowance. Tape a fringed flower to the end of your pencil to make homework more fun.

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