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By T. Klikauer

Written within the ecu culture of Kant's philosophical trilogy on critique and Hegel's suggestion of moral lifestyles it outlines the good traditions in moral philosophy: Aristotelian advantage ethics, Kantian ethics, and utilitarianism. It offers smooth ethics from Nietzsche, Adorno, and Habermas to Kohlberg's levels of ethical improvement.

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Most managers, and an even greater number of non-managerial staff, do not express love towards their managers. The attribute being loved is generally not associated with management. Finally, the value ethics of Socrates identifies five virtues (arete¯): temperance, piety, courage, justice, and wisdom. Apart from courage, none of the other four are to be found in management. From the Ford-Pinto case to British-American Tobacco (BAT), management’s essence is not found in piety as death, misery, cancer, illness, etc.

Similarly, taking interest (usury) is prohibited in Islam. Buddhism warns that if you harm another person when doing business you will inevitably bring harm to yourself. Almost all commandments issued by religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are negated by management. Money-lending is the core part of its operation, either in the form of banking and investment or in the form of corporate accounting. Charging financial interest is essential to managerial operations and they do bring harm to others by strictly enforcing conditions from lenders onto 40 Critical Management Ethics receivers.

Usually, we find the greatest altruism within our immediate family and less among those to whom we are not so closely related. Finally, there is distant altruism. This is the humanity we feel towards strangers. Overall, altruism has been with us since we became humans. It may originate in food sharing that has been an important step to further the evolution of humanity. It was not competition but altruism and the act of sharing that made us human. Even in primitive societies the key lies in sharing.

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