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RISK A N D RISK ACCEPTANCE BY S O C I E T Y 29 independent values drawn from an initial distribution. This approach requires knowledge of the initial distribution and the sample size. This type of distribution 8 9 is frequently applied to floods; ' the nature of the result may be seen from Fig. 9. 2. Resilience The concept of resilience to a particular event impact was introduced briefly in earlier sections, in particular in the discussion of the elasticity of individuals to the hazards of drowning or electric current.

All other advanced fuel cycles which give high utilization of uranium or thorium also require reprocessing. The administration's counter-argument is that closing the plutonium fuel cycle, as required for a fully developed breeder system, would place the US in the position now of endorsing plutonium recycle, and thus encourage the development in other nations of a possible channel for supplying weapons material. It is also the Administration contention that domestic pursuit of the breeder and recycle for US energy supply, and simultaneous discouragement of other nations, would create an unacceptable double standard — although such already exists in the weapons field.

Lightwater nuclear-power plants were built by different utilities and manufacturers, which contributed to the growth of a competitive market. Figure 14 shows this increase of operating light-water-reactor plants versus time. e. following an engineering demonstration there will be: ( 1 ) A period of testing the commercial feasibility of the new technology, during which two or three units will be built and operated. This will allow a number of utilities, manufacturers, and architect-engineers to gain needed experience.

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