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The Kindle version of Naughton's Czech, a vital Grammar is lifeless. regardless of a number of downloads and discussions with Kindle customer support, the ebook downloads to the Kindle with no many accents and diacritical marks at the letters -- for instance, during the complete booklet, "R" with hook/hacek -- has no hacek. similar for "r" -- no hook/hacek. an analogous holds precise for different letters with hooks/haceks. hence, THE publication IS dead IN ITS present layout. with no the accents and hooks/hacky, one can't examine the language. I converse Czech and will see that each one the accents are lacking, yet a non-speaker or learner of the Czech language wouldn't comprehend this, and hence may study many, many phrases thoroughly incorrectly. THE PUBLISHERS have to right THE KINDLE model OF THIS e-book.

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Ve mbstb ‘in town’ but o mbstb/o mbstu gáslav ‘about the town [of] 6áslav’. The ‘zero’ ending for the genitive plural is the same as for feminines: auta – aut ‘cars’, mbsta – mbst ‘towns’, slova – slov ‘words’. g. léta – let ‘summers, years’, díla – 37 3 Nouns dbl ‘works (of art)’. Inserted -e- occurs here as for feminine nouns: jablka – jablek ‘apples’, okna – oken ‘windows’. In standard usage neuters ending in velars have the locative pl. ending -ách: vajíaka – ve vajíakách ‘in the eggs’ (exceptions are jablka – o jablkách or jablcích ‘apples’, and in normal standard written usage stdediska – ve stdediscích ‘centres’, stanovisko – v stanoviscích ‘standpoints’).

I (sometimes -e) and dative/locative sg. -i, Trója ‘Troy’ has genitive sg. do Tróje, dative/locative k/v Tróji. Note also Nikaragua – regular, except for sg. /loc. Nikaragui, pl. gen. Nikaraguí. Similarly Samoa, Managua, boa. Another awkward feminine noun is revue, pronounced [revc], which may decline sg. /loc. revui, ins. revuí, pl. revue revuí revuím revuích revuemi. 6 Foreign proper names Adjectival nouns Foreign names of more recent origin can also present problems. g. /gen. Verdiho, dat. /ins.

And nom. -acc. pl. g. atvrt ‘quarter’ and atvrt’ ‘district, quarter’, hut’ ‘ironworks’, lod’ (ins. pl. lodbmi/lod’mi) ‘boat’, nit ‘thread’, ocel ‘steel’, peaet’ ‘seal’, pout’ ‘pilgrimage’, dit’ ‘anus’, trat’ ‘track’, záet’ ‘hatred’, závrat’ ‘giddiness, vertigo’. 1 Neuter type mBsto Neuter types Type mbsto ‘town’ represents the commonest type of neuter noun, ending in -o. Sg. 1 nom. mBsto Pl. mBsta 4 acc. 2 gen. mBsta mBst 3 dat. mBstu mBstRm 6 loc. (o) mBstB (o) mBstech 7 ins. mBstem 5 voc. = nom.

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