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Without having had a vision of this Form no one can act with wisdom, either in his own life or in matters of state. 1 it is this is the 1 Republic, VII, 514-5170, trans. F. M, Cornford, THE WAY FROM II 5 5 THE WAY FROM LIFE LIFE TO PHILOSOPHY TO PHILOSOPHY : 25 Metaphysics and Rationalism What we must grasp clearly in our approach to philosophy is the note that strikes us in all the above passages, the goal that c * led men to break out from the security of the natural outlook. According to the picture we gave of man's life, shewing how was bound up with his limitations, the collapse of seemed to come from an enlarging of his horizon, and the new freedom he came to enjoy seemed due to a deliverance from his confinement in the old narrow circle of actualities and values.

The theoretical bias of PHILOSOPHY BEGINS WITH THE SENSE OF WONDER Ill 41 * Greek philosophy sprang directly out of this informing of oneThe word theory in early times meant simply looking ', self '. a man looks at things on a journey with no other object than as We find an eloquent witness to this in Herodoto see the world. father the of tus, historiography, who lived in Athens at the time ' * * " of Pericles. He records that during the Persian wars, when Sardes stood at the height of her power, all the wise men of the age came to this city from Hellas, one today and another tomorrow, and among them Solon, the spokesman of the Athenians, who had given the people their laws and then went travelling abroad for ten years in order to see the world ".

So the which is contrasted with the remained the only recognized startingmetaphysical approach, point for the movement from life to philosophy. Now, this tendency is not to be underrated. The Age of Enlightenment was dominated by it, and this was an age of enduring significance for philosophy, to which we must hold fast despite the irrational tendencies of our own age. The rationalistic attitude is indeed an essential feature of philosophy, just as essential as the metaphysical need '. Together, they make up the structure of philosophy as a whole, each contrasting with the other.

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