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By K. N. Marsh (eds.)

Data at the densities of natural compounds is vital for either medical and business functions. an information of densities is necessary in lots of parts, together with custody move of fabrics, product specification, improvement of varied predictive tools, and for characterizing compounds and estimating their purity. The densities of standard and branched alkanes are accrued from the unique literature released from 1863 to early 1996. all of the values have been seriously evaluated. The tables include the unique lite- rature info, in addition to their predicted uncertainties, and the evaluated facts, in either numerical shape and as coeffi - cients to equations with chosen statistical info. the amount additionally includes the CASR quantity Index and a Chemical identify Index.

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Table 2. 10 ρexp − ρcalc Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 45 ρexp − ρcalc Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 66 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 72-cur/fel(✕ ) 74-che/zwo(∇) 74-dia/men1) 76-mcc1) 76-mcc1) 76-mcc1) 76-mcc(✕ ) 76-mcc1) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau1) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau(✕ ) 77-orr/lau1) 77-orr/lau1) 77-orr/lau1) 77-orr/lau1) 77-orr/lau1) 77-orr/lau1) 77-orr/lau1) Not included in Fig.

30 Fig. 1. The symbols show the deviation of the calculated from the experimental values from Table 2. The curves above and below the zero line indicate the calculated error region of the recommended values given in Table 3. The error bars are the experimental uncertainties. 00 kg·m-3 [96-dau] Table 1. Coefficients for the polynomial expansion equations. 2993 · 10-1 (combined temperature ranges, unweighted). 14973 · 10-7 Coefficient A B C D Table 2. Experimental values with uncertainties and deviation from calculated values.

68 ρexp − ρcalc Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 30 ρexp − ρcalc Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 40 … 86-hol/got-1( ) 86-ort/paz(✕ ) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver1) 88-mel/ver(✕ ) 89-rai/shu1) Not included in Fig. 1. Further references: [1883-sch-3, 1884-gla, 1891-gla, 1892-lan/jah, 10-eng/hal, 12-tim, 19-cha/sim-1, 23-cal, 30-kar, 30-kar-1, 39-gro/wac, 39-wib/hoo, 42-ark/mee, 42-leg, 42-mca/rob, 43-cra-2, 44-ano, 44-boo/per, 44-gar, 44-qua/day, 44-sch, 46-ano, 46-gei/can, 46-vog, 49-den/fid, 49-foe/fen, 49-til/mil, 50-doo/pet, 50-wei/del, 51-ano, 51-doo/pet, 53-li/can, 55-cut/jon, 55-jon/ott, 56-ano, 56-rea/duf, 61-fre/naz, 61-shi/hil, 69-bra/fre, 71-len/reb, 72-li/won, 79-hoe/hoe, 79-kiy/han, 80-mar/sym, 80-tre/ben, 81-han/hal, 81-sac/nan, 81-tre/kiy, 82-phi/del, 84-eng/san, 84-kum/ben, 85-hut/van, 86-auc/par, 86-aww/sal, 86-hne/cib, 86-hol/got-6, 86-hol/got-10, 86-pos/zur, 86-sue/gei, 86-zur/des, 87-hol/goe, 87-hol/goe-1, 87-zur/pos, 88-des/zur, 90-com/fra, 90-lu/ish, 93-bla/ort, 94-auc/bur-3, 95-pos/gar].

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