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By Earnie Larsen

With vacation spot pleasure, best-loved writer Earnie Larsen offers pleasant and professional roadside guidance to weary tourists on recovery's direction. even if you have got hit a disadvantage on your restoration from habit, you are experiencing periodic relapse, or you are easily eager for whatever extra, here's a precise and sure consultant to dwelling extra abundantly in restoration. In sharing many alternative tales of improving humans and some of the paths they've got taken, Larsen explores methods you could carry larger love, attractiveness, and belonging into your lifestyles.

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Whatever happened in the past can’t be changed, but you can build a cathedral in the present over the ruins of the past. We can use many reasons to block ongoing recovery. The questions ultimately become: Is it worth it to take another step forward? Are we willing to try? Are we willing to surrender that last locked door? And if we are, will anyone else go with us? t h e s ta g e s o f r e c ov e r y 41 no one goes alone Who we are says nothing about who God is, but it says everything about who God is to us.

There are those among us also who, for whatever complex reasons, have seemingly been totally, helplessly captured and destroyed by the cruel selfishness they were taught and then practiced. They rode the back of the tiger and were finally eaten by it. There are those among us beyond recall. But who among us really knows which ones are “hopeless” and which ones aren’t? There are scores of people who everyone thought were hopeless cases. Then, something happened. A light. A miracle. We were called to a different life.

Central casting in Hollywood could not hold a candle to us. People do not come into the program because they are healthy. We come in sick. Yet if we hang around, we find an avalanche of uncommon goodness also surrounds us. Jimmy R. had fifty-four years in the program when he died. He went back so far, he used to fish with Dr. Bob. Over the years, he had been an anchor for thousands of new members. Just to be in the same room with Jimmy gave a person confidence and hope. I saw a hundred new members with Jimmy sport the look of little brothers with a trusted big brother.

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