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By W. Hüttner (auth.), W. Hüttner (eds.)

Volume II/29 "Molecular Constants in most cases from Microwave, Molecular Beam, and Sub-Doppler Laser Spectroscopy" is deliberate to seem as a chain A1, A2, B, C and D1, D2, D3 for the diamagnetic, and E for the paramagnetic linear and polyatomic species, respectively.

Like within the previous volumes II/24 and II/19, that have seemed within the years round 1999 and 1992, respectively, the diamagnetic ingredients are prepared within the demeanour advised by means of Hill ("Hill's system", 1900), which means a nearly strict alphabetical order. The ionic species are integrated within the alphabetical association of the impartial ones in each one table.

The details is grouped in a different way compared to the former volumes. All appropriate houses of a molecule and the corresponding parameters are available focused less than its sum formulation in quantity II/29. This diminishes the necessity of turning pages simply because rotational and comparable constants, dipole moments, obstacles to inner rotation, hyperfine coupling parameters, or Zeeman facts have been hitherto indexed in numerous tables.

The current subvolume II/29A1 includes information for diatomic diamagnetic molecules.

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Microwave spectra of the AlO (X 2 Σ+) radical in the υ = 1 and 2 states, Chem. Phys. Lett. 227 (1994) 287–292. : Fluorescence Excitation Spectrum of B 2 Σ+ – X 2 Σ+ of the AlO Radical in a Supersonic Jet, Acta Physica Sinica 49 (2000) 364–366. : Cavity-Ringdown Spectroscopy Studies of the B 2 Σ+ – X 2 Σ+ System of AlO, ChemPhysChem 4 (2002) 364–366. : 32752-94-6 radical See subvolume II/29E. : Nonadiabatic Predissociation Studies of the (1-3) 3Пg System of Al2 by Means of a Complex Rotated Finite Element Method, J.

95 (1982) 80–91. : Astrophys. J. 562 (2001) 790–798. : Astrophys. J. 571 (2002) 1022–1023 (Erratum). : Spectrochim. Acta A 63 (2006) 1009–1012. : 13967-22-1 See also: 24-11 The hfs structures of the J = 1–0 transition of AlH and the J = 2–1 transition of AlD in their vibronic ground states have been recorded using mm wave absorption spectroscopy, and the following parameters have been determined (all values in MHz) [04Hal]. 72(33) MHz) by Goto and Saito [95Got]. 31(2) Laser fluorescence excitation spectra have been recorded and analyzed for the b 3Σ‾ – a 3П (0,0) band of AlH and AlD, with the results given below (Hund’s case a, values in units of cm–1) [03Tao].

8(27). 54 relative to X0+, υ′′ = 0 (direct exp. observation). 520 × 1018 cm−1 (pm)6. 5011 × 10−2 (pm)−1, re = 399 pm. 8. : J. Chem. Phys. 99 (1993) 9608. : Chem. Phys. 186 (1994) 401–407. : J. Chem. Phys. 103 (1995) 9589. : Chem. Phys. 211 (1996) 191–201. : J. Chem. Phys. 105 (1996) 4920–4922. : J. Chem. Phys. 104 (1996) 7860. : Phys. Rep. 369 (2002) 177–326. : 146021-90-1 In ∙ Ar radical See subvolume II/29E. : Determining repulsive potentials of InAr from oscillatory bound-continuum emission, J.

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