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By Benjamin Morgan

Glance contained in the international of animals with DK's advisor to Mammals, an all-star accumulating of apes, elephants, whales, bears, cats, canines, and lots of extra of people' closest relations within the animal state. DK's singular, arresting visible kind is driven to the bounds during this quantity, which was once conceived, written, and designed for curious younger zoologists through a workforce of specialists within the box.

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The ultrasound pulse bounces off the moth and the echo is picked up by the bat. RECORD BREAKER The world’s smallest mammal is the Kitti’s hog-nosed bat. 5 g), it is not much bigger than a bumblebee. This tiny bat is found in the rain forests of Thailand and eats tiny midges and spiders. VAMPIRE BAT The blood-sucking vampire bat not only attacks livestock but also feeds on sleeping humans, and its bite can transmit rabies. To avoid waking a victim, it lands nearby and crawls silently onto the body.

Like many other rodents, harvest mice eat their own babies if food is in short supply. GNAWING TEETH At the front of a rodent’s mouth are two pairs of incisor teeth that never stop growing. The front of each tooth is made of hard-wearing enamel, but at the back is a softer material called dentine. As a result, when the teeth rub together they wear the leading edge into a chisellike blade, which is perfect for gnawing through the toughest nuts and seeds. Rabbits have an extra pair of tiny peg teeth behind the incisors.

Then they turn a grayish black. Exactly why these monkeys have orange babies is something of a mystery. Scientists think the bright color may be a signal to adults, triggering protective feelings while the infants are vulnerable. LEOPARD WILD BOAR PIGLETS ZEBRA HYENA GIRAFFE TIGER SPOTS AND STRIPES Spots and stripes can help to camouflage animals and break up their outline, but this isn’t their only purpose. Zebras’ stripes are hopeless as camouflage—they are much too conspicuous. They probably help zebras to recognize each other and bond with the herd.

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