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Подробный рассказ о немецком самолете Дорнье (Dornier)Do-17 / Do-215. Создание, технические описания, модификации. Дорнье Do-17, хотя и не строился в таких количествах как He.111 или Ju.88, был однако одним из наиболее многочисленных типов бомбардировщиков, затмивших чистые небеса над Англией в последние месяцы лета 1940 года. В конце 1942 г. его вывели из первой линии, но как один из трех основных типов двухмоторных средних бомбардировщиков, с которыми Люфтваффе провели молниеносные операции первых двух лет войны, Do-17 занял место в истории авиации в качестве одного из видов "оружия блицкрига".

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Test flights began in 1953, with a considerable delay because of late equipment deliveries for the tanker conversion; S N Anokhin and V N Pronyakin flew the fighters. At first, Mikoyan engineers were apprehensive about having the probe near the intake, fearing the drogue would generate excessive turbulence at the air intake lip and provoke a compressor stall. These fears were possibly caused by knowing that in the USA, an F-84 fitted experimentally with the probe-and-drogue refuelling system had the probe mounted on the starboard wing, well clear of the air intake.

The first aircraft coded 16 Red (c/n 106216) was converted by plant No 918, while the other Midget whose tactical code is unknown (c/n 106220) was modified by L11 personnel. The radio control equipment evolved from the land-based MRV-2M transmitter was installed on the weapons tray and the transmitting whip aerials were located on the horizontal tail. The drone operator sat in the front cockpit; part of the standard flight instruments and the gunsight were replaced by a DK-16RS controller (DK = dahtchik komahnd).

Two hose drum units (HDUs) were installed in the forward bomb bay, with the hoses running inside the wings and exiting from specially-modified wingtips. The refuelling operator sat in the tail gunner's station; the tail guns were replaced by a cine camera unit to record the refuelling sequence. Three Fagot-Bs serialled 17 Red, 342 Blue (c/n 123042 or 133042) and 618 Red were fitted with fixed telescopic refuelling probes offset to port on the intake upper lip; the conversion work was done by the Novosibirsk factory in May 1952.

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