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By T. Lobsang Rampa

Unknown to the Western global the Tibetan Lama unleashes his mystical powers on the age of 7 along with his present of prophecy.The writer of the easiest promoting THE 3rd EYE, discusses karmic association,and recommends method to stroll alongside the non secular direction.

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The stars began to shine vaguely through the slight haze, for the fog had gone leaving just a haze. Once again we rose to our feet and went again in search of food. This time it was seafood, food which we had never had before and which tasted almost alien to us, most unpleasant, but the main thing was that it was food, because we were hungry. With our supper complete we left the eating place and went to where our horses were stabled. They seemed to be waiting for us and whinnied with pleasure at our approach.

We soon got to know each other and I was particularly glad to know that he too was going to be a 35 medical student, starting on the morrow, as was I. He, too, was going to study those remarkable things, Electricity and Magnetism. He was, in fact, to be in both of those courses which I was going to study, and we got to know each other well. We turned and walked back towards the entrance of the lamasery. As we passed the portals another Chinese monk came forward and said, “We have to report to the college.

We were completely out of food, so there was nothing to do but go to an eating place, and eat as the Chinese did. We went to a place with a garish sign which said that they could provide the best meal in Chungking and without delay. We went and sat down at a table. A blue clad figure came to us and asked what we would have. ” I said. ” he replied. “Oh, no, that must be one of those Western dishes. ” I said. ” “All right “ I said, “we will have rice balls, noodles, shark's fin and bamboo shoot. ” He hurried away and in moments was back with the food we wanted.

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