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By Eric J. Underwood

This new version of a hugely winning textual content, released in its moment variation in 1981, adheres to the framework laid down via the past due Professor Underwood, yet has been completely revised via Dr. Neville Suttle. as well as bringing the ebook up to date, including new definitions and reviews on new advances, Dr. Suttle has extra new chapters on such issues because the designated desire of the ruminant for elemental sulfur, more recent hint parts, particularly chromium, and more suitable behavior and interpretation of supplementation trials. effortless reference appendix tables summarize crucial details on feed composition, nutritional requisites, and standards of mineral prestige in cattle. The ebook will proceed to symbolize a concise textual content in this very important subject for complicated scholars of animal technology.

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Plasma or urine). Having calculated faecal endogenous Ca (FECa), calcium absorption coefficients are than derived as follows: Ca absorption coefficient = Ca intake Ϫ (Faecal Ca Ϫ FECa) Ca intake The technique is sometimes modified by giving the radioisotope orally and intravenously, either sequentially to the same animal or simultaneously to matched groups. g. 45Ca and 47Ca), they can be given simultaneously by alternative routes to the same animal. g. iron, zinc and copper). The term ‘comparative radioisotope balance’ technique more accurately describes a further modification, in which retention of the radioisotope is measured in a whole-body monitor and route of excretion ignored.

P. H. (1990) Phosphorus and beef production in Australia. 7. The effect of phosphorus on the composition, yield and quality of legume based pasture and their relation to animal production. Tropical Grasslands 24, 209–220. L. (1956) Radiocalcium studies in pregnancy. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 64, 281. COSAC (1982) Chapter 10 Trace elements in Scottish soils and their uptake by crops, especially herbage. In: Trace Element Deficiency in Ruminants. Report of a Scottish Agricultural Colleges (SAC) and Research Institutes (SARI) Study Group.

Mineral content varies greatly with the source materials from which they are made and with the processing methods employed. Thus blood-meal, liver-meal and whale-meal contain only 2–3% total ash and are low in calcium and phosphorus, but they can be valuable sources of iron, copper, selenium and zinc. Commercial meat-meals and fish-meals, on the other hand, are usually rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, depending on the proportion of bone that they contain. The ash content of meat- and bone-meals varies from 4 to 25% and most of this ash consists of calcium and phosphorus.

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